A beautifully painted, elevated basketball court at @spsrnbhopal. Makes one want to shoot hoops on all four rims. Pic by @Prakhar_Rana #MyCourtMyGame #UBAIndia https://t.co/FsdjwIDJbu
@MsKajalAggarwal had a ball at a UBA game! ā€œThis is very inspirational. The more the kids watch it, more they want to go out and play!" #BollywoodMeetsBasketball #UBAIndia #IndiaBasketball https://t.co/BNl0iF5fTO
Hard work pays off. Hustle and Hoop hard for the joy of winning! w/ @ChennaiSlam! #UBAIndia #IndiaBasketball https://t.co/iC8Zoc6wH9
On #WorldPoetryDay here's Agu described in a Limerick-
'@ChennaiSlam's point guard, quick as flash,
Goes end to end in blink of a lash.
Won two UBA Championships,
Takes knocks to hands, knees, hips,
Always bounces up, Agu, undeterred by any ...
On #WorldPoetryDay here's @Im_not_garry described in a Limerick-
'His dunks rock the rim with vim and daring.
Pay heed to gravity? A little? Nary.
Leaps cross court like a gazelle,
Plays hard to the last bell,
Young, sprightly forward with ...
On #WorldPoetryDay here's @jagdeepbains015 described in a Limerick-
'Can take it inside & rain down from deep,
Makes game-winning plays in his sleep.
Rocking for over a decade and half
brushes off injuries with a laugh
@MumChallengers' leader, Jagdeep.'
#UBAIndia ...
Pick up a basketball and celebrate #InternationalDayOfHappiness! Wishing wide smiles & ear-to-ear grins to everyone! w/ @PaulCrane7 (VP Broadcasting, #UBAIndia) & @CrossoverBBall! šŸ€=ā˜ŗļø https://t.co/7EG5zfSBbJ
Watch the 5ā€™10ā€ Tevin Kelly (@HyderabadSky) get a steal and finish the break with a soaring dunk off a bounce pass to himself! #UBATop10 Plays #2 (Regular Season) #UBAIndia #IndiaBasketball https://t.co/w0RZlisMCf
A pair of painted basketball courts shining in the sun in Gwalior. Makes one want to practice shooting on all 4 rims in a row. Share your basketball court pics for a chance to win in #UBAIndia #MyCourtMyGame contest- https://t.co/X1NOvTS6sq ...
Watch the ageless Jagdeep Bains (@jagdeepbains015) hit the game-winner in overtime for @MumChallengers vs @HaryanaGold! #UBATop10 Plays #3 (regular season) #UBAIndia #IndiaBasketball https://t.co/VVoOY2Zf48
One can almost smell the cool fresh air around this rain-soaked basketball court at @KIITOfficial. Share your basketball court pic for a chance to win in #UBAIndia #MyCourtMyGame contest- https://t.co/X1NOvTAvAS (pic by Ankit Pandey) #IndiaBasketball https://t.co/IKevyMf9Wz
A view so peaceful, even the ball seems to want to hang on the rim to soak it in. Share your basketball court pic for a chance to win in the #MyCourtMyGame contest- https://t.co/X1NOvTS6sq (pic- @ Tamil Nadu Physical Education ...
On #PiDay (3/14), here's a
3-pointer made by
#1 Agu, for a
4-point play completed with
1 free throw (šœ‹- 3.141). #UBAIndia #IndiaBasketball @agu_chukwunanu @ChennaiSlam https://t.co/6axquhN50l
RT @tanvir_logani: Working on lymph drain before the session.
Getting the super talented @dildar_brar @mumbaichallengers ready for the @ubaā€¦
RT @Prakhar_Rana: This is what heaven might look like : a synthetic basketball court on second floor. A ballpark with a view. šŸ˜šŸ€
Location :ā€¦

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