UBA's first Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point-Competition came down to the wire

By Siddarth Sharma, UBA Columnist

It would have been a clean sweep for Hyderabad Sky during the UBA's very first Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Competition held on 15th March, 2017. The show was telecast on Ten Sports Network on 16th March at 6:30 PM. The 3-point shootout was won by Mahesh Padmanabhan of Hyderabad Sky as he outshot Jairam Jat and Agu, both of Chennai Slam, in the final round. He took home $1000 as his prize. His teammate Mak Boskailo tied with Ronald March of Delhi Capitals in the final round of the Slam Dunk Contest as both Mak and Ronald won $1000 each as the prize.Each team wasn’t represented by participants as the selection was based on choosing the best players in the league for the respective events.

The three point shootout was a closely contested affair with the shooters playing string music on the net. Each player shot from five racks containing five balls each, with each make counting for one point and the last ball in each rack counting as a money ball for two points. The players had 60 seconds to go through the racks. Here's a look at how close the first round was:

Ram Kumar (Pune Peshwas head coach)- 10 points

Ady Biswas (Punjab Steelers head coach)- 6 points

Tommy Fisher (UBA India Chairman and CEO)- 8 points

Pierre Newton (Pune Peshwas player)- 10 points

Mahesh Padmanabhan (Hyderabad Sky player)- 19 points

De'Sean Mattox (Haryana Gold player)- 12 points

Jairam Jat (Chennai Slam player)- 15 points

Ram Kumar (Chennai Slam player)- 9 points

Agu (Chennai Slam player)- 14 points

Mahesh, Jairam and Agu moved to the final round where Mahesh took home the honors with his remarkably consistent sharpshooting.

The Slam Dunk Contest was judged by Tommy Fisher, commentator Shaun Golden and Haryana Gold player Eban Hyams. Here's a look at the participants:

Dermaine Crockrell (Punjab Steelers)

Mak Boskailo (Hyderabad Sky)

Tevin Kelly (Hyderabad Sky)

Ronald March (Delhi Capitals)

Kaif Zia (Bengaluru Beast)

Mak and Ronald moved on to the final round with some dominant dunks which brought the house down. They both had 53 points each in the first round. Mak had the some of the best dunks of the evening as he elevated from just a step inside the free throw line for a cradle dunk and slammed home another 180-double clutch dunk. Ronald put on a show as well with an impressive between-the-legs dunk and a 360-alley-oop to himself. But Mak nearly took home the prize with a jaw-dropping 180-between-the-legs dunk. They ended up finishing the competition tied at first place and won $1000 dollars each.

The competition was held at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee stadium which is playing host to the UBA Season 4 Championship Series from 10-16th March.